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A first-tier city house price drop agency said it was difficult to relax the restrictions during the year

"Shanghai has adjusted the standard of ordinary commodity housing, which will allow more houses to be incorporated into the system, which will encourage all kinds of homebuyers to enter the market actively." A researcher at a Shanghai real estate research institute, yan yuejin, told reporters that the market is turning well and that the release of inventory pressure in first-tier cities has also reduced the pressure on housing prices to fall. 
In fact, cancel the purchase, such as easy credit policy gradually released, first-tier cities improve sexual needs reduced barriers to entry, to speed up the rhythm of the market, to some extent stimulated the first-tier cities housing sales, lead to inventory declined slightly. However, yan yuejin believes that despite a series of measures to boost the volume of the property market, the chances of a first-tier city to ease restrictions this year are still small. 
Prices in first-tier cities fell 
According to the Shanghai real estate research institute, according to the report, released on November 17, 2014 in October, a line of city the new residential area of 2.93 million square meters, the deal covers an area of 3.28 million square meters, presents the relationship between the market demand is less than the supply; Inventories of new residential properties fell 0.9 per cent from the previous month, up 36.7 per cent year on year. This represents the first time in nearly nine months that first-tier city stocks have fallen on a month-on-month basis. 
It is worth noting that in October 2014, first-tier cities new commodity housing transaction for an average of 22368 yuan/square meters, was down more than 1168 yuan/square meters, in September, fell by 5.0%, up 6.9% from a year earlier. 
From the city of new housing sales price performance, "north shenzhen four cities" new commodity housing transaction price respectively is 24282 yuan/square metre, 27554 yuan/square metre, 14332 yuan/square meters and 22816 yuan/square meters, year-on-year growth respectively 10.1%, 0.3%, 0.3% and 0.4%, year-on-year growth 1.8%, 10.2%, 8.8% and 4.1% respectively. 
YanYueJin think about it, since September, the first-tier cities high-end projects well clinch a deal, driving up housing sales price, but the normal adjustment in October, so declined. However, since 2010, the current first-tier cities are still in a state of high volatility. 
The sale of second-hand housing in Shanghai is 30% higher than the previous month 
Be worth what carry is, from a line city commodity housing stock clinch a deal (secondary) area, in October 2014 to 2014 square meters, rose 15.2%, down 21.3% year on year, among them, Shanghai‘s biggest quarter-on-quarter growth, at 32.3%. 
"With the adjustment of common residential standards, the proportion of ordinary commodity houses in the Shanghai property market has also increased significantly." According to the research of relevant institutions, according to a report in the secondary market, the Shanghai residential transaction proportion increased from 79.3% to 88.6%, which increased from 75% to 75% within the inner ring, from 78.5% to 89.3% between inner and outer ring, outer ring outside increased from 81.6% to 89.9%, between inner ring and outer ring of rise is the largest, reaching 10.8%. 
To this, I love my family in Shanghai Marketing Department Chen told reporters, according to the central bank of Shanghai‘s new mortgages New Deal and the accumulation fund, only average house can enjoy preferential policies, but with the change of the standard, the Shanghai market of housing transaction cost will be decreased. At the same time, combined with the current mortgage deal, because the average house can enjoy preferential policies, two sets of mortgage of market demand intend to ascend, and also improves the buyers confidence in the housing market late, promoted the second-hand housing market turnover will rise. 
Income from land sales or a total of 300 billion yuan 
In fact, "securities journal" reporter recently in contact with many enterprise executives believe that in 2015 the real estate market than the optimistic this year, and this is the result of cancel purchase, easy credit, adjustment policy in order to release improve sexual needs in the market and a series of regulatory policy execution. 
But even so, as yan yuejin shows, the first-tier cities will not be tied up in the year, and none of the top companies think that first-tier cities will lift restrictions. "For now, the first-tier cities will not easily loosen their restrictions, but [first-tier cities] are still relatively low-risk markets." A senior government official told the securities daily that the layout of the first-tier cities will be faster than those in cities with excessive inventory. 
In view of this, the mood of the benchmark housing market began to cool in April began to shift at the end of October. According to centaline property market research statistics show that: on November 1 solstice, November 16, 20 big benchmarking enterprise, take to spend 24.886 billion yuan, the highest for nearly eight months, enterprise, bottom take action increased significantly. 
And according to centaline property market research at another set of data show that as of November 16, the "connect" north four urban residential land total turnover of 278.9 billion yuan, early breakthrough record set in 2013, the year is expected to exceed 300 billion yuan for the first time. From the floor price, as of November 16, the average floor price of 185 residential land sold in first-tier cities was up to 11228 yuan per square meter, up by a whopping 48 percent year-on-year. 
, centaline property, chief analyst at publicizes great thought, benchmarking enterprise, because before go to inventory and not the land, land prices in some cities started recently downgraded, and rescue the city policy overlay, very beneficial to enterprise, to inventory, then, take initiative may be higher. 
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